Friday, April 22, 2011

No. 37 The Union Vaults

Visited on 21/4/11. Has anyone got a clue what the pub closing times are these days ? Do they just make it up as they go along ? Apparently so. We trundled along the canal, then up over the bridge to this superb little Victorian street corner boozer, only to be told that they'd stopped serving. I'd already locked me bike. I unlocked it again just as the landlord wandered out and told us that we could have a pint after all. Hang on a minute... were we in ? were we out ? or were we in fact shaking it all about ? Rapid bicycle locking/unlocking isn't straightforward after 6 pints, I can tell you. So finally we were in anyhow and a round of Everard's Tiger was soon on the bar. I haven't a clue what time it was by the way - probably about half eleven. The ale was excellent. This is a really nice pub and had we been there a little earlier, we would definitely have made use of the superb bagatelle table. As it was, we were happy to drink the final pint of the night and head home.

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