Friday, April 22, 2011

No. 31 Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club

Visited on 21/4/11. On a warm spring evening, what better place is there to start a Boughton pub crawl than here ? Ok, so it's not really a pub, but the bar at Chester Boughton Hall is open to the public and always has a couple of real ales on (Weetwood Cheshire Cat and Thwaites Original) - and they're kept in excellent condition by long standing bar manager Phil. It's too early in the year for evening cricket, but even so, the view from the balcony of the pitches where the likes of Winston Benjamin and Curtley Ambrose have plied their trade is very pleasant. Can't really understand why more people don't use this place when there isn't a game on. Anyhow, tally-ho...

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