Friday, April 22, 2011

No. 34 The Cross Foxes

Visited on 21/4/11. This pub is famous for it's pool tables, of which there are five or six, including four in an upstairs room. Also, they have the world's best bagatelle table apparently. Unfortunately, it was undercover and they seemed reluctant to let us have a go on it. Not surprising really I suppose. The place is popular and is a great venue if you're interested in pool - which the majority of customers clearly were. It's not such a great venue if your primary interest is beer, as there's a simple choice between keg yellow, keg brown or keg black. Real ale isn't sold here. We drank something or other, had our eardrums assaulted by some heavy metal shite on the juke box and left pronto.


  1. The Foxes is currently (early May) closed down. Must have packed it in just after your visit actually. Coincidence?

  2. Yep, closed down the day after we went there ! The rumour I heard was that it was due to a dispute between the landlord and the pub company. Pub company wanted the ale prices to go up, landlord refused and walked out. Hopefully it's only a temporary closure.

  3. Rumour is that although the Cross Foxes has reopened, the bagatelle table has gone. Can anyone confirm ? I'm not going there.