Friday, April 8, 2011

No. 28 The Egerton Arms (Brook St.)

Visited on 7/4/11. After an abortive attempt to have a pint in 'the Railway' (it was shut - at 9:30 ! Obviously, we'll be back), we crossed the road to 'the Egerton'. To be perfectly frank, upon entry it looked a bit grim - sparsely furnished and sparsely populated. The atmosphere wasn't helped by the fact that although there was a hand-pump on the bar, it wasn't connected. We had to drink keg. Again. However, the landlady was very pleasant and her husband soon appeared and engaged us in a conversation about real ale - turns out he's a big fan and is in the process of improving the cellar so he can bring it back online. Maybe we'll call in again when we re-visit 'the Railway'. Apart from having real life tenants behind the bar rather than texting, clock-watching, nail polishing barmaids, the other big plus for this boozer is that it's got Bagatelle - the Chester game. Fantastic. So - no real ale, but good pub nevertheless. Strange but true.

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