Friday, April 1, 2011

No. 22 The (Bawn) Lodge

Visited on 31/3/11. Tramps like this, baby they were bawn to run - de, der, der, derr. Lord knows why I'm labouring this Springsteen theme - don't even like the grizzled rockist. Anyhow what is a bawn ? Why would you use this word in naming any form of establishment ? It's horrible. Sounds a bit like brawn - the mashed cow's brain preparation known in France as 'fromage de tete' - that's 'head cheese' for all you non-sophisticados. Nice. Most of the B&Bs on the Hoole strip, faced with impossible competition from the explosion of Premier Inns and Travel lodges in and around town have 'diversified' into accomodating benefit claimants - much to the chagrin of the remaining 'up market' hang-outs like the Green Bough. The 'head cheese' Lodge however has installed a bar, knocked a wall out, thrown up a bit of stainless steel/glass architecture and laid a patio. Hey presto - B&B becomes poncey wine bar ! And you know what ? It works. There's a good atmosphere, the clientele comprises a wide range of ages and most importantly, the ale rocks - Thwaites Original and Lancaster Bomber. Patio-heater-tastic !


  1. Actually, the pub (NOT 'poncy wine bar') is called 'the Lodge Bar'. The hotel behind is 'the Bawn Lodge' (after the owner's name).
    You're right though, it's a fine place. Three handpumps, ever-changing choice of ales, well priced- £2.30 for most, £2.40 for the Thwaite's range- free newspapers, peanuts, free sunburn cream laid on for sensitive-skinned garden drinkers.
    They even photocopy the Times crossword so there's no fighting over who gets to it first!
    Simple range of food but all cheap, home cooked and delicious. Pity they stop serving it at 6pm mind.
    For bagatelle buffs, there's a beautifully-restored classic table in the back room.
    My home from home.

  2. Free suncream ! Oh, that's ace - love it.

  3. The little touches that make all the difference...