Friday, April 8, 2011

No. 26 The Town Crier

Visited on 7/4/11. First off tonight was this big old pub opposite the entrance to Chester station. In common with all pubs in similar locations, a large percentage of the clientele is transient - travellers catching a quick pint in between trains mainly. By definition then, it's character can't really be defined. It's just as likely to be full of brawling football hoolies as it is with Japanese tourists. Usually it's busy though, and it certainly was on this occasion. Also, a sort of timeless quality pervades - you feel as if you could be in any decade in the last 40 years. Plenty of cask was on offer but the quality was a bit variable: Cains bitter (good), Marston's Pedigree (good), Thwaite's Lancaster Bomber (a bit ropey). It's open at 8 am for the discerning drinker who enjoys a breakfast pint apparently. Never tried it like. All in all, a good atmosphere and not a bad boozer. A pleasant surprise.

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  1. Agreed. A fine place to wait for your train- or even hang around until the next one.
    There was no real beer here when I worked on the tourist buses a couple of years ago (their depot was next door until it was recently demolished). Used to nag them about it. Was pleasantly surprised to see it had eventually happened.
    Go in more often now. Definitely preferable- and much more affordable- than that Carriages joint opposite or the bar of the Queen Hotel.
    Might try that breakfast pint one day.