Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No. 9 The Piper

Visited on 24/2/11. Situated on the outer limits of Hoole, adjacent to the A41, this is a big post war pub that's been tarted up several times. No doubt it's heyday was during the 1960s when it would have been thronged by 'Bob and Thelma' types imbibing pre 'key party' snifters and indulging in other permissive society shenanigans. Er, probably. Anyhow, back to the 21st century and we're talking poker. No money on the tables, but serious poker - games going on everywhere. We also witnessed the comedy ejection by the landlord of a paralytic foul mouthed old crone who bawled one expletive too many. Excellent stuff. Jenning's Cumberland ale on tap. Not bad either.

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