Saturday, March 26, 2011

No. 20 The Royal Oak

Visited on 10/3/11. This was the final pub we went to during our night out in Hoole - and we saved the best 'til last. Another Marston's pub and an absolute cracker it is too. Just look at the line up of ales: Jenning's Cumberland ale, Jenning's Cross-buttock, Marston's double drop, Ringwood Boondoggle. Marvelous. The place was packed with people who love ale and staffed by a landlord and landlady who love serving it. In addition, it has a really beautifully manicured bagatelle table (slight bias to the right mind). Ale + Bagatelle = Aceness. Huzzah !


  1. Too right. A lovely little boozer that has miraculously managed to retain its 'snugs' and timeless atmosphere. When the tellly's not blasting out that is.

    Nice little courtyard out back too.

  2. The courtyard's great - must be the best smoking venue in Chester, apart from the terrace at the Mount. Forgot to mention the little dog here. He's ace.

  3. Re-visited the Royal Oak again last night - place full and all ales on top form as usual. Also noticed this blog entry is printed out and framed on the wall - which clearly underlines the fact that this is a hostelry of taste and distinction !