Saturday, March 26, 2011

No. 19 The Bromfield Arms

Visited on 10/3/11. Just over the road from the Faulkner, home of the 'Hoole Poseur', you could argue that 'the Brom' caters for the opposite end of the drinking spectrum. This is a big pub with about 50 odd flat screen TVs all seemingly tuned in to Sky Sport channels for the entire time the pub is open. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of the clientele are fat middle-aged, replica footy shirt wearing tellyclappers. In effect, it's become a temple dedicated to the worship of Rupert Murdoch. The ale was alright (Wychwood Hobgoblin), but any pub that prominently displays a 'This is Anfield' sign behind the bar is going to get slagged off by me. Let me put it succinctly - avoid.


  1. This has just been refurbished - rumour has it 250K refit. Amazingly, it looks worse. All character removed and now features several of those generic beer super pubs with all the bland favourites. Shame, as this was a good pub 4 years ago with regularly changing guest ales.

    This is a cross the street to avoid pub now.

  2. Most of the money involved in pub refurbs usually gets spent on the kitchen. They've probably had a load of new microwaves and deep fat fryers installed.