Saturday, March 26, 2011

No. 18 The Faulkner (bar and kitchen)

Visited on 10/3/11. Without doubt, there are more ponces in Hoole than in any other part of Chester - and this place caters for them. A true haven for earing wearing male schoolteachers and sundry fey bores, it doesn't know whether it's a pub, a wine-bar, a cafe or a restaurant. The result is an uncomfortable and pretentious amalgam. This used to be a half-decent boozer but now it's got pizza recipes doodled on the mirror with whimsical abandon. Surprisingly, in addition to yellow beer, ale was available (Caledonian Lipsmacker), but was £4 a bleedin' pint ! As you can imagine, service was brusque. We drank, sneered and left.

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