Friday, March 25, 2011

No. 13 The Rake & Pikel

Visited on 3/3/11. What is a pikel ? Does anyone know ? There was a heavy smell of vinegar in the air when we arrived here, indicating er, the presence of vinegar. This isn't a gastro pub though, or is it ? I'm not sure what one is, but vinegar is bad. Vinegar is bad on food. Vinegar is bad for drinkers. Why do people like vinegar ? Why does it exist ? Many questions remain unanswered. The ale in here was alright though - top notch in fact; Timothy Taylor's Landlord, Greene King IPA, Thwaites Lancaster bomber. There was a quiz on, but we left before it started. Vinegariness aside, this is clearly a tidy well run pub.


  1. PIKEL. A pitchfork ; a hayfork. (North.)
    from A Dictionary Of Archaic And Provincial Words: Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs And Ancient Customs From The Fourteenth Century J-Z V2 by John Orchard Halliwell (Jun 8, 2006)

  2. Nice one Andy - that's exactly the kind of attention to detail we like on the CBP !