Friday, October 28, 2011

No. 108 Duttons

Visited on 27/10/11. Finbarr Saunders’ ‘up the back passage’ line has already been over-used on this blog, so I’ll make no comment about ‘Duttons’ location*. Famous for being a favourite venue of the ‘mature carouser’**, unfortunately it seems to have followed the current trend towards gastro-isation. Whereas previously it was a bar with a menu available, now it’s a restaurant with a drinking area. Tea-light laden tables fill most of the available space and the thinly scattered clientele consisted mainly of bored couples staring at each other over plates of rocket and things served with a jus. There’s more to life than this, people ! Two real ales are available here and we went for the Lees bitter (can’t remember what the other one was). It was ok. We had another in fact. Party on.

*   It’s up the back passage
** Male: Ageing sleazeball. Female: Mutton dressed as lamb


  1. I'll have a mutton shank, please.

  2. Would you like that with 'jus' sir ?

  3. I think it's traditionally a male lamb, at a pinch any ewe will do!

  4. Scouse 'Silence of the lambs' - 'Shurrup ewes !' Ho ho, improves with age that one.