Friday, October 14, 2011

No. 101 Rheum

Visited on 13/10/11. Well I had to rub my eyes. We began our night of poncing along Watergate street with a visit to this ‘exclusive’ establishment. It’s an absolute nightmare to find – but believe me, an even bigger nightmare once you arrive ! Built in the mid 1980s and run by a dodgy sounding organisation called ‘the Ministry of Love’, it appears to be a theme pub dedicated to the very worst aspects of modern British drinking culture. Obviously there’s no real ale – just tasteless foreign bottled beer. Glasses aren’t provided and fruit stuffed into the bottle neck is compulsory. A karaoke was scheduled for later in the evening but oddly, this would have been a relief from the repeats of ‘Big Brother’ that were constantly being looped on the massive TV screens hanging from every wall. How could I best describe the experience ? ‘Double-plus ungood’ I suppose. (Not as bad as the amphitheatre bar (No. 76) though).


  1. I put this post up yesterday and by midnight it had received exactly 101 page views. Now that is quite frankly spooky !

  2. where the bejesus is Rheum ?

  3. Ha ha ha you don't want to go there - it would be your worst nightmare !