Friday, October 14, 2011

No. 106 Watergates

Visited on 13/10/11. Bouncers – dontcha just love ‘em ? “Sorry gents, you can’t come in.” “You what ?” “You can’t come in, it’s ‘students’ night.” “That’s ageist.” “It’s students night, you won’t like it” “Listen Cletus, we are the friggin’ Chester Beer Project. We ARE coming in and if you don’t stand aside friggin’  PRONTO, we’ll blog this place into oblivion. Capiche ?” Ok that wasn’t quite how the conversation unfolded, but we managed to get in by pretending to walk off then sneaking behind the be-suited knuckle-dragger’s back while he was looking the other way. Devious eh ? I’m reliably informed by my compadres that we drank pints of Kronenberg in here – that’s grade A ‘fighting grade’ chemical lagerbeer. Lovely. The music was so loud that my ears started to bleed. We had a quick look at ‘Chester’s only roof-top terrace’, accessed via a stairway at the back of the downstairs bar – big friggin' deal, then left, pausing momentarily on the way out to marvel at the amazing gothic ceiling. What a waste of 13th century architecture. Horrible place – full of students.

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  1. Back in the days when I was student we all went to cheap boozers or the SU bar - none of this Watergates type establishment caper and carry on.

    But students these days, they just don't get it, do they ? You're students - you're supposed to drink in cheap pubs and live in a hovel ( I did, complete with pet slugs - the hovel, not the pub. And a mouse as well ).

    And student deals in restaurants. What's going on ? Don't get me started on students thinking they should have the same standard of living as us working people. I didn't, so I don't see why they should.