Thursday, June 9, 2011

No. 61 ABarMC at ABode Chester

Visited on 9/6/11. So, we thought it would be a good laugh to finish the evening by going directly from one of Chester’s rougher establishments to one of it’s most poncey. To that end, we got on our bikes outside ‘the Pen’ and cycled sedately back through Saltney, then Hough Green before finally crossing the Grosvenor bridge and arriving at the street level bar of chef Michael Caines new edifice, the ABode Chester hotel. You know what though ? (I love this.) We had exactly the same friggin’ experience in this bleedin’ temple of poncedom that we’d had in half the pubs in Saltney – handpumps on the bar, but none connected. No real ale. Keg only ! And what was really amusing in a weird sort of way is that the keg here was the worst of the night. It was utterly putrescent. We didn’t bother getting it changed though. The only alternative was lager and we’d had enough ale already. We did however hang around for a bit because the barman in here was a really good laugh – the only good thing about the place to be honest. Also, it was quite entertaining watching middle-class halfwits spending sixty five quid on a bottle of champagne then only drinking three-quarters of it. What’s that all about ? I hope they were on expenses. Actually, I don’t care. Mr. Caines, your food might be the dogs bollocks but this is an absolutely woeful attempt at setting up a bar. Get it sorted.

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