Thursday, June 9, 2011

No. 60 The Corner Pin

Visited on 9/6/11. Ok, so technically we were now in Wales and therefore deffo outside Chester as we continued westwards after visiting ‘the Anchor’. However, there’s one more pub before leaving the conurbation, so we decided to include it. Was it worth the extra bike ride ? Well not really to be honest. I wonder if the locals refer to this place as ‘the Pin’ ? ‘The Pen’ would be more appropriate as it’s a bit basic and heavily decked out with flags and banners from the North West’s ‘big three’ footy teams – that’s Everton, Liverpool and Man. Utd. by the way, just in case there are any Man. City fans reading this. Once again, and despite there being four handpumps on the bar, no real ale was available. Furthermore, the keg bitter was vile. We’d heard this place had some notoriety, but even the atmosphere was flaccid. All a bit of a non-event really. Still, at least we got some extra exercise.

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