Saturday, June 18, 2011

Half time report

Well we’re over half way through the pubs of Chester now, and we’re still not halfway through the year – so we’re ahead of schedule. Just as well really as we’re now heading into the holiday season, which, combined with the demands of mid-week cricket means that for the next month or so the CBP will not be ‘riding’ every week. After the summer hiatus though, we’re hoping to pick up speed again and aim to finish with a flourish shortly before Christmas. We might even squeeze in one or two ‘CBP on tour’ nights, to exotic locations such as the Wirral. Along the way, we appear to have picked up quite a few followers (7000 page views so far !), so the purpose of this message is to inform you all that although things might go a bit quiet over the next few weeks, we most definitely have not gone away. Ale rules. Blog on.

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