Thursday, June 9, 2011

No. 59 The Anchor

Visited on 9/6/11. Right, it was time for a spot of international travel now as we mounted our steeds and headed westwards and under the bridge, leaving Albion behind. Or so we thought. It turns out that the border isn’t where it’s marked on the street but in actual fact runs right through the middle of this pub. The lounge is in one country and the bar is in another. Also, with the toilets being in the centre, it’s possible to stand in England and piss into Wales – and vice versa. Didn’t try it. Honest guv. Anyhow, this is a nice tidy pub – even had flowers on the tables. Unfortunately it didn’t have any customers, apart from one bloke. He was friendly enough – as were the staff. I think they do all their trade at the weekends when they’ve got a quiz on and the place also becomes a bit of a biker hangout. Unfortunately, despite there being some handpumps on the bar, they weren’t connected and we had to drink Bass smoothflow. If they’re serious about getting some punters in during the week, they need to get those handpumps operational I reckon. Maybe they could do English ales in the lounge and Welsh ales in the bar. As it stands, it’s a bit like having a can in someone’s front room.

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