Friday, May 20, 2011

No. 50 The Highfield

Visited on 19/5/11. Just up the hill from ‘the Waggon’, this place is Blacon’s only other remaining pub. Again, it has a ‘colourful’ reputation mainly as a consequence of it’s chequered past, but these days it seems to be a perfectly respectable establishment. Maybe even a little bit boring to be honest. It was quite full, with lots of activity around the pool table and the atmosphere was friendly enough. Again it’s a keg only house and we had a couple of pints of the brown before heading off. As we rolled down the hill towards the crematorium, we passed the site of the former ‘Lord Byron’, Blacon’s third pub, now sadly bulldozed and redeveloped into flats. I wonder what happened to the row of seats from Wrexham’s football ground that was displayed as a trophy behind the bar ?

Well how about a polite cricket-style round of applause for the half century folks ?

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