Friday, May 6, 2011

No. 46 No. 29

Visited on 5/5/11. Ever seen the Fly or Inception ? Or even Mr. Benn ? We were in for a slightly disconcerting experience as we entered No. 29, the new face of the Eaton hotel on City rd. First of all, there were no customers, which, given the fact it was races night is quite frankly odd. However, a barman was present and there was even a handpump (Black Sheep bitter). Unfortunately it wasn’t connected, but undeterred by our reaction, the barman invited us to try ‘the other bar’ downstairs and gestured towards the lift. We duly obliged and were pleasantly surprised as we emerged one floor down into a half decent looking, albeit sparsely populated bar which had a number of real ales on offer. It was only after setting up a round of Copper Dragon Golden Pippin that we noticed a barge go past the window and realised we were already in the next pub on the schedule. We’d been teleported !

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