Friday, May 6, 2011

No. 47 The Canalside Inn

Visited on 5/5/11. Well how were we to know No.29 and this place are basically the upstairs and downstairs of the same establishment ? I didn't even realise they were in the same building ! Anyhow, this is a strange one. It looks like a decent bar and it's in a great location on the side of the canal. It's also got potential to dispense a fair choice of real ales. We went for the Copper Dragon Golden Pippin - not bad to be fair. Can't remember what else they had on, but I don't think all their pumps were operational. Thing is, it was dead. We were practically the only people in there - and it's a big place - and Chester races were on. Not sure what the problem is, but the fact that it was staffed solely by a disinterested junior hotel employee rather than a proper landlord can't help. A bit of passion's certainly required. It's no accident that ALL decent pubs have active, visible and genial landlords or managers.

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