Friday, May 6, 2011

No. 44 The Chester Hangman

Visited on 5/5/11. The Chester races aftermath - a nightmare for the discerning drinker looking for a quiet bevy, but a festival of fun for the not too discerning drinker who enjoys a laugh. Highlights include women falling off high heels then adjusting their knickers as their tits flop out and fat blokes in naff ill fitting suits trying to vault crash barriers and falling on their arses. Plenty of such shenanigans were on view last night from the bar of the Hangman as the flotsam and jetsam of the May meeting homed in on City rd. for the final stagger to the station. High quality entertainment indeed - wish the same could be said of the beer ! Real ale isn't served at this joint so we were forced to drink Theakston's 'Darkest Smoothflow' or some such nonsense - spectacularly unremarkable. Live music or karaoke is provided here most nights and to be fair the place was quite full. At around 9:30, a band of some description shaped up to take to the stage, but we decided to bale out before the first dreary power chord had chance to assault our eardrums. I doubt we'll be back.

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