Friday, July 29, 2011

No. 69 The Egerton Arms (Bache)

Visited on 28/7/11. From ‘the Frog’ it was a short ride down the hill to the Egerton Arms, where the current management appears to be hell bent on transforming what used to be a half decent boozer into a glorified fast-food outlet. The massive fan-shaped menus placed in the centre of every table are clearly designed to convey the message that you really should eat stuff or leave – the ‘stuff’ being sterilised pre-portioned menu items prepared off site and then nuked or deep fried on the premises. You almost feel uncomfortable just having a pint to be honest. And the ale’s nothing to write home about either – once more the ubiquitous ‘fast cask’ and flavourless Marston’s EPA (Extremely Poor Ale) was the only real ale on offer. Were there any positive aspects ? Well the staff were all very polite, it must be said. I feel sorry for them really, having to work in such a soulless place. Next…  

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