Friday, July 15, 2011

No. 66 Kash

Visited on 14/7/11. Kash is a new bar located in the building on Brook street that used to house Donato & Sandro’s. It doesn’t have the feel of a traditional pub because the basic structure remains that of a restaurant. However, although an extensive menu is available, the focus is very much on beer. Blueball beer to be precise, as Kash is the first bar to be opened by this microbrewery from Runcorn. Two cask ales were on and that’s where we started. I’m rubbish at this beer reviewing lark because I can’t even remember what they were called, although one was a very pale and to be honest, fairly tasteless summer type ale, but the second, in contrast was a superb amber ale with a fruity aroma loaded with hops - twas excellent. What’s really interesting about Blueball though is that in common with other so-called ‘craft’ brewers, they’re quite willing to break the ‘keg taboo’ and serve beer pressurised with carbon di oxide. In fact, they insist that some beers are more suited to being served in what they term ‘the American style’. Let’s be clear on this though – Blueball keg ales are unfiltered, unpasteurised and untreated. Heineken it aint ! Four of ‘em were on offer and we went for the Zeppelin – a German style wheat beer which is absolutely superb. I’ll be honest, we had several – and at 5.5%, it’s probably a beer you shouldn’t ever drink several of ! Although we were late out and still depleted in terms of numbers due to holidays, I think it’s fair to say we had a good night ! I hope this place is a success, because the ale really is something new and exciting. Love the branding too – check out the pump label artwork. Plans are in place to extend the bar I believe – which is absolutely essential. Also, they’ve got some good promotional ideas in the pipeline such as cask ale at £2 per pint on Tuesdays. A beer festival with a German theme, provisionally named the ‘OktoberChest’ has also been suggested. Although that might have been by us. And it might have been on the way home come to think of it. Can’t really remember…

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