Friday, July 29, 2011

No. 68 The Frog

Visited on 28/7/11. Blimey, Upton’s posh. The bits we cycled through were anyway – but that’s not really reflected in the pubs, which by and large are ordinary unpretentious community locals, ‘the Frog’ being a good example. Despite having many of the trappings of a rather tired formula ‘PubCo’ pub, it’s got a few things going for it as well. For a start, it’s a nice 1930s building and the inside is well designed, spacious and tidy. It’s obviously popular and was busy when we arrived. Most importantly though, it does decent ale – on this occasion Weetwood Cheshire Cat – the old ‘Tarporley tonsil tickler’. You might want to use that in your branding Mr. Weeto if you’re looking in. Or maybe you won’t. Anyhow, we were enjoying a round in the rather pleasant beer garden and noticed that from the back the pub looks like it was once a railway station. Was this actually the case pre Dr. Beecham maybe ? Who knows ? Who cares ? Well, obviously we do or I wouldn’t have mentioned it. These things are important. As we walked back through the pub to get to the main road, I couldn’t help noticing the landlady had a bit of a miserable gob on [can I get away with that Ed ?]. Lord knows what was up with her. Maybe something to do with the fact that the pub’s up for sale. Maybe not. It would be a good one for somebody to buy and convert into a free-house though, surely. Doesn’t need much doing to it. Maybe it was just the lease that was being advertised. Bleedin’ hell, I can’t be certain. Watch this space.  

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