Sunday, September 25, 2011

No. 95 The Pelican

Visited on 22/9/11. Where ? Exactly. I’d never heard of it either – or it’s predecessor, which was a restaurant called ‘Gotwine’ apparently. Maybe there’s a clever marketing strategy behind these daft names. Or maybe they’re just, erm daft. Anyhow, this place is tucked away up Commonhall St. It’s a wine bar/brasserie type affair and it’s most interesting feature is the large patio at the back from which there’s an excellent view of a load of brick buildings. It was deserted when we arrived though, as was the rest of the place. This is another city centre venue that relies heavily on race days – in that respect, the main attraction is that there’s a load of space. There’s nothing much else here of any interest to be honest. Most notably, there’s no real ale. We drank ‘Boddies’ – ah yes, the famously proud and vigorous northern elixir, now transformed into worthless, tasteless shite under a failing global brand. Er, then we left.


  1. I was in the place on a hot summer afternoon in the summer and the patio was full of women wearing 70's sundresses. The trouble was they were all knocking on and over weight, but, I can only assume, they were all labouring under the illusion that they looked like the birds out of the Cadbury's flake ads from said 1970s.

    It made me feel quite bilious.

  2. Christ, I'm glad it was deserted when we were there.