Saturday, September 24, 2011

No. 92 The Chester Bells

Visited on 22/9/11. From ‘the Golden Eagle’ it’s just a short walk up Bunce St. to this place – a former ‘bikers’ hang-out, now functioning as a pub/B&B. I love the attached review excerpt from ‘Trip Advisor’ written by a disgruntled customer:

“…the worst thing about this whole stay was the fact we went to leave at 8am the following day to find two people having sex in the hotel reception…”

Check it out if you don’t believe me. Needless to say, nothing quite so exciting occurred during our visit. It was nearly empty when we arrived and for some reason, the previous night’s footy was being played on the telly. It was too loud an’ all. We ordered up a round of Bombardier – the national beer that’s just about average, even at it’s best. It was average. A croonist then set up and began performing to his backing tapes. To be honest I could have sung better, and I can’t sing. Some members of his little entourage glared at us when we didn’t applaud. I like this place though – particularly the location and the quirky shape. It must have been ace before all the dividing walls were knocked down. The barman seemed friendly enough as well, although I couldn’t help wondering whether or not he was the phantom shagger. Maybe we should’ve asked.


  1. "the worst thing about this whole stay was .. to find two people having sex in the hotel reception.."

    Not the best thing ? Shurely shome mishtake.

  2. How fortunate that the name of the pub is also the collective name of the members* of the Chester Beer Project.

    *Word used advisedly

  3. Also, I'd suggest that if it's a pub Tarquel frequents, the couple shagging in reception will have been of a similar gender.

  4. The Trip Advisor review is 'non specific' vis a vis gender/orientation/species.

  5. A similar gender ? As in similar, but not quite the same ?