Friday, December 23, 2011

Picture this...

15/12/11 - You see, we do exist. Looking like a cross between Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' and the cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, here's a picture of the CBP in the Marlbororough Arms on the final night. Creepy eh ?

Click on the image for a bigger version.
(Thanks to Trevor - the man behind the lens)


  1. I was expecting to see Gyles Brandreth with you all - what a disappointment !

    Well, I when say 'disappointment', I mean 'relief'.

  2. That friggin' ponce is ignoring my tweets. We might have to get Oz Clarke in !

  3. Gyles Brandreth and Oz Clark - you move in some exalted circles !

  4. i must say i do have hidden talents behind a lens, might give up this pub lark and start taking pictures of dodgy men in darkened bars, is there a future in this? now hurry up and sort out the results me missus cant take the waiting any more.

  5. chunkamunka
    If the Olde Cottage doesn't make it in the list of the top ten pubs, make sure you bring your axe this time when you meet Tarquil next.

  6. Axe! Stick em in Tarquel ffs...