Thursday, August 18, 2011

No. 72 The Railway Arms

Visited on 18/8/11. For the third and final time we tried to gain entry to this enigmatic pub and for the third and final time we failed. On previous occasions we were simply too late to catch the 8:20pm (!?) last orders bell, but this time it was obvious the place had closed for good. The nearest we came to getting a bevy here was back in early April when we found the door locked but then peered between the curtains to see the landlord was still there. We banged on the window and after first of all making a comedy attempt to hide behind the bar, he came out and told us to go away. No such fun this time though. It was all locked up and in scrawled writing on the blackboard next to the door is the message:  “That’s all folks – see you in the Bridgewater”. Elvis has most definitely left the building. 


  1. There's a rumour going round that this place is still open - but as Elvis himself might have said, "I'm a bit suspicious !" Watch this space...

  2. Well lo and indeed behold - en route to the Ship Victory (No. 100) last night, we called round at this place and found it open ! The most 'un-arsed' temporary landlord in christendom is in charge - he read the paper all the time we we were there and was reluctant to engage in conversation. Seems he's just there for as long as it takes the PubCo to sell the place - not sure if it will be sold as a going concern (doubtful) - most likely will be curryfied or transfered to some alternative retail use. We drank 'Boddies'. It was tasteless and therefore on top form by 'Boddies' standards. A rowing* couple were the only other customers. The parquet floors are impressive.

    *as in arguing, rather than propelling a small wooden boat by using oars.